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every taste a masterpiece

The philosophy behind the scenes

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Fresh, local and high-quality ingredients

The quest for flavour stems from a simple and indispensable ingredient: the excellence of the raw material.

At Restaurant Tubladel, we only use top-quality ingredients that come from local agricultural supply chains. Our mission is to serve the best of what we find on the market every day, focusing on the freshness of the products and the excellence of the mountains and pastures of Val Gardena.

You will also be able to taste numerous wines from our wine cellar, which boasts a fine and extensive assortment.

Carefully prepared recipes

Slowly savouring genuine food cooked with care and attention to detail - that is the culinary experience awaiting you in our restaurant. Let yourself be surprised by originality, but also pampered and enveloped by familiar flavours in a memorable atmosphere.

At the table, we serve a synthesis of tradition and innovation. We want to bring out the merits of the tradition of our land, but also give new character to the dishes by proposing original reinterpretations, always interpreted with a sensitivity that we have been able to mature in our long experience.

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